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General Information:

  • In order to submit a manuscript, please make sure you first register through the system with the corresponding author email.

  • Please make sure you upload all files in their designated place.

  • All Manuscripts should be uploaded electronically via our portal, regular email submissions will be discarded.

  • Manuscript submissions shall only be accepted as word file document.

  • Consideration for submission shall be granted only on the understanding that the work has been solely submitted to the Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) and that it has not been previously published fully or partially.

  • The editors reserve all the right to make the necessary editorial changes in all papers and will be sent for proofreading before publication.

  • The paper post submission will be read by two or more independent editors or editorial advisors and a first decision whether to accept or reject the paper shall be determined.

  • Please make sure you follow the author guideline strictly to avoid any delays in the peer review process.

Types of Manuscripts:

Original Article:

- This include but not limited to Randomized controlled studies and clinical trials, retrospective studies, prospective studies, intervention studies, basic research.

- All awareness, knowledge and attitude manuscripts must provide the questionnaire as a supplementary material. In addition, proof of validaiton of the questionnaire should be provided.

Review and Meta-Analyses:

This should be carried out systematically by using PRISMA guideline checklist and flowchart for systematic review and meta-analyses. Only a limited numbers of literature review articles will be accepted each month. If the number of reviews exceed the limited number for the month, the author will be informed of possibility to publish it in a future issues.

Case Report:

This include but not limited to new or unique cases in the medical field in which it may have clinical significance to the literature.

Letter to Editor:

This should be short with accurate on point statements and include but not limited to new reports about technology and letters that requires further elaboration and support by future research.

Type Abstract (words limit) Main Text (words limit) Tables/Figure (limit) Reference (limit)
Original Article 300 words 3000 words 5 50
Review and Meta-
300 words 4000 words 10 50
Case Report/Series 250 words 2000 words 5 20
Letter to Editor N/A 1000 words 2 10
Short Communication 150 Words 1000 Words 2 10

Article Guidelines:

All articles must follow the following guidelines:

  • CONSORT for randomized controlled trials
  • TREND for non-randomized trials
  • PRISMA for systematic review and meta-analyses
  • CARE for medical case reports
  • SCARE for surgical case reports
  • STROCSS for cross sectional or case series studies
  • STROBE for observational studies
  • STREGA for genetic association studies
  • SRQR for qualitative studies
  • STARD for diagnostic accuracy studies
  • ARRIVE for animal experiments

Authorship Criteria:

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) recommends that the authorship is granted in achieving the following criteria or in line with the ICMJE criteria of authorship:

  • Considerable contribution in the designing of the work, analyses and interpretation of the work data.
  • Substantial contributions to the conception or design of the work
  • Drafting and writing of the work, proofreading it and revising it critically for crucial intellectual content.
  • Agreeing to the copyright’s agreement withheld by our journal and accepting to be held accountable by answering any enquiries related to the work.
  • Providing the correct personal information, affiliation and contact information.

- The order of author list cannot be changed once submitted, and it should be based on the relative contribution.

- There will be only one corresponding author in the manuscript.

Preparation of Original Articles:

Manuscript Draft

Title Page Draft

Title Page:
This should be Contains the following:

  1. Title
  2. Author List (First and last name of all authors, affiliation, and emails)
  3. Corresponding (provide first and last name, affiliation, contact information and full address)

This should be uploaded as a separate word file and not be included in the main text for the peer-review process.

Main Text:

  • Font: Times New Roman size 14, double spacing with continuous numbering.
  • Abstract (no citation in the abstract), Structred: Introduction, Methodlogy, Results and Conclusion.
  • Keywords: Minimum of 3 keywords and a maximum of 7.
  • Introduction: Should be concise in clearly describing the definitions, background problem and state the objective of this work.
  • Methodology: Should be described in great details and enough clarity so it can be understood well by the readers and the reviewers. The statistical tools should be described clearly and briefly as possible. All work which involves humans and animal experimentation should provide the full details of the ethical body as well as the reference number of the ethical committee and the ethical approval number by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Results: This should be presented in a logical consequence that is clear and easy to follow. Do not include any discussion of importance in this section.
  • Discussion: This should be presented to show good interpretation of the data and its significance in comparison to the background and how it may contribute in advancement for future readers and researchers by comparing it to other similar studies in the literature.
  • Conclusion: This to conclude only the significant findings of the work done and provide a well-described summary of the work in the paper.
  • Acknowledgment: - The authors should acknowledge any person who contributed to the work of the paper but does not have the criteria of authorship in this section. - Further acknowledgement of bodies is mentioned here.
  • Disclosure: This should include funding details, conflict of interest and ethical statement.
  • References: References should be in Vancouver style. (e.g. Davies S, Gray RMJ. What is occlusion? British Dental Journal. 2001;191(5):235-45)
  • Tables: - Tables should be used with word table tools and included in a separate word file.
    - Every Table should be in one page.
    - Tables should be numbered numerically using Arabic Numbers.
    - Table Legends should be provided after the Reference section of the main text.
    - Font size 8-10.
    - If references are used in the table, use the same numbering used in the main manuscript for citation
  • Figures: -

- Figures of high quality will be accepted only.

- Figures should be numbered numerically using Arabic Numbers.

- If one figure has more than one label please use letter (A, B, C…) Figure Legends should be provided after the reference section of the main text.

- File format accepted are: JPEG, PNG, TIF

  • Please adhere to the guideline in order to prevent delays in reviewing the paper
  • Inclusion of subheadings is allowed under each main heading.

Preparation of Reviews and Meta-Analyses:

  • For Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses please follow the PRISMA guidelines

  • For literature review please include the following:

a- Unstructured Abstract.
b- Introduction
c- Review/Discussion
d- Conclusion
e- Disclosure

  • Please adhere to the word limit and number of figures/tables

Preparation of the Case Report:

  • The case report should have an unstructured abstract that describes the case and its clinical significance briefly.
  • Case report will include Introduction, case report, discussion and conclusion only.
  • Should follow the word count accordingly

Preparation of the Letter to Editor:

  • No abstract
  • Main text
  • References

Units of Measurement:

Units of measurement should be presented simply and concisely using the International System of Units (SI)

Concurrent Submissions:

Every corresponding author will have two manuscripts under review at any current time. If the number of submissions exceed that, the review process will be on hold until the two submissions have a final decisions. This will insure the diversity of authorship to the journal.

Copyright Notice:

The journal provides immediate open access to the content accepted for publishing. By default, Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) publishes all articles under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International CC-BY-NC 4.0), which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. This license allows authors to use their own articles for their own non-commercial purposes without seeking permission from us but should provide proper acknowledgement and citation of the first publication in our journal. If the use is for commercial purpose, the authors should obtain permission from us, and a fee may apply. The corresponding author have all the right to grant the copyright agreement on behalf of the other authors to the journal under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution- on Commercial 4.0 International License (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International CC-BY-NC 4.0).

Article Processing Charge (APC):

Effective from 1 August 2023, the Journal of Healthcare Sciences will charge article submission charges of 300 Saudi Riyal for editorial check up. If the submission passed the editorial check, it will move to the peer- review and the following charges apply only after acceptance of the article after the peer-review:

Type Inside KSA Transfers Outside KSA by Paypal
Original Article 2,500 Saudi Riyal 700 $
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses 2,500 Saudi Riyal 700 $
Literature Review 3,500 Saudi Riyal 950 $
Case Report/Series 1,500 Saudi Riyal 700 $
Letter to Editor 1,500 Saudi Riyal 700 $
Short Communication 1,500 Saudi Riyal 700 $

All payments is made by bank transfers, for international authors option to transfer to bank or pay by paypal will be provided. If the payment is not received fully the journal have the right to withhold the article from publication until full payment is made.

Bank information/paypal details will be sent once acceptance of the manuscript has been made.

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) will routinely waive the APC for corresponding author who is based in a low-income countries which are defined as such by the World Bank
( as well as offer 50% discount of APC for corresponding authors from Low- Middle-Income countries which are defined as such by the World Bank.

Language Editing and Author Services

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) accept any manuscript edited by medical research provider with regards to language editing and post publication services. A certificate must be provided if such services are sought by the authors.


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