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Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) is a Saudi medical and healthcare journal registered and owned by (Research Establishment for Electronic Publication) and certified by the Ministry of Commerce with CR: 4030389186 as well as the Ministry of Media with license number: 110640 Certificate link

مجلة العلوم الصحية هي مجلة سعودية مملوكة لمؤسسة الأبحاث للنشر الإلكتروني، معتمدة من وزارة التجارة بموجب رقم السجل التجاري: 4030389186، ومعتمد من وزارة الإعلام برقم ترخيص إعلامي: 110640 رابط الترخيص

ISSN : 1658-8967
Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) is an all-healthcare open access peer-reviewed journal that accepts any paper with scientific accuracy and adherence to the ethical guidelines of the scientific community for publication. Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) is a Saudi medical journal that publishes original clinical research of interest to all healthcare field, review studies, case reports and editorials. The Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) strictly adhere to ICMJE guidelines of authorship and the ethical guideline in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. The Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) is on a mission to eliminate barriers that are set in front of clinicians, researchers and innovations and promote published medical knowledge around Saudi Arabia and the world. All authors retain full copyright of their work. By submitting your article, we ensure to provide a thorough and well conducted review to make the article in line with the scientific world. In order to be able to provide open access. Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) also encourages the submission of all kinds of useful reports either with positive or negative results as long as the paper represents a valid work and is adherent to the journal guidelines and ethically appropriate either in Saudi Arabia or globally. The journal is of particular interest in those English is not their first language as it undergoes substantial professional and language editing after acceptance. All manuscripts are subject to a peer review process (double blinded peer review) involving members of the editorial board and external reviewers with expertise in the subject matter. We also make sure all external reviewers strictly adhere to the proper peer-review guideline provided by the journal which is with in line of work with the COPE guidelines.
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  1. Journal of Healthcare Sciences is regulated under Saudi Health Society of Medical Electronic Publications (SHSMEP)
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